Germany starts consultation on USD 59 billion power grid expansion

Germany’s grid regulator BNetzA has started the consultation on the 2030 power grid expansion plan after the four national grid operators earlier this year proposed measures costing up to €50 billion ($59 billion) to boost power transmission capacity sufficiently for the major changes to Germany’s energy landscape expected over the next decade.

The regulator published its response to the draft by the TSOs of the national grid development plan (NEP 2030) which also includes details for German offshore grid connections through to 2030 (O-NEP 2030), which alone are estimated to cost up to €16 billion.

“We are investigating which new lines are needed in the transmission network by 2030,” BNetzA president Jochen Homann said.

All 60 proposed TSO measures that are also included in the federal plan are set for confirmation, while of the further 160 grid improvement measures proposed 90 are currently considered to receive confirmation.

This means, all 2,150 km of new HVDC cable projects have a positive outlook, while some 2,250 km of the proposed 5,750 km of AC line improvements are not at the moment considered for confirmation, it said.

Source: S&P Global Platts