UNS seeks approval for transmission line upgrades

USA, Arizona: Tucson-based UniSource Energy Services (UNS) and a Texas energy company are seeking approval of a project to upgrade an existing high-voltage transmission line between a substation near Vail and Nogales, and to build a new power line from Nogales to Mexico.

The proposed project includes an upgrade of a northern half of the transmission line and a construction of new substation west of Nogales, reports Tucson.

The aim of the project is to increase the capacity of the transmission line and link it with the new line to Mexico for emergency backup.

Hunt Power is proposing to build and operate the Nogales-Mexico segment of the project, known as the Nogales Interconnect, with plans to sell power into Mexico.

The Nogales Interconnection is estimated to cost about $80 million, including the new substation.

Source: Tucson