Questions raised about quality of transformers at Dhuri substation

India, Punjab: A power transformer installed at the 400 kV substation in Dhuri, a city in Sangrur District in the state of Punjab, developed a technical snag last month for the second time, allegedly because of a defective design. 

Since the substation was constructed in 2013, two of the three 500 MVA transformers have repeatedly been developing snags, which has raised questions about the quality of the material used in the substation, reports he Tribune. 

Punjab State Transmission Corporation Limited (PSTCL) has formed a committee of experts to investigate the reason of the transformers repeatedly developing technical faults.

The transformer which developed a problem last month is the same transformer which remained out of service for about six months in 2015, and PSTCL had repaired by a company in Dhuri. 

Another transformer which developed a snag in October 2015 was sent outside Punjab for repair and was brought back after eight months.

“There must be an investigation into the quality of equipment installed in the substation. There is a defect in the design of the three transformers. I prepared a report, recommending the replacement of the two transformers in 2016, but there has been no action. The third one fails sometimes as its cooling system is on the wrong side,” said Charanjit Singh, who retired as Chief Engineer (CE), production and maintenance, PSTCL, in March 2017. 

Source: The Tribune