TransnetBW commissions first vegetable oil 420 kV transformer from Siemens

Germany: TransnetBW has commissioned Siemens’ first vegetable oil transformer with 420 kV voltage level at the Bruchsal-Kändelweg substation near Karlsruhe.

Apparently, the first power transformer in the world, insulated and cooled using vegetable oil, will link the 380 kV ultra-high voltage level with the 110 kV grid, writes EBR.

The insulating oil for the new transformer is made from renewable plant resource, is completely bio-degradable, and much less flammable than mineral oil.

“The bio-degradability of the insulating oil means that additional collecting vessels and separation systems are no longer required at the installation location, resulting in cost savings for these items,” said Siemens Energy Transformers business unit CEO, Beatrix Natter.

“The use of this groundwater-neutral and bio-degradable insulating oil, with its high level of environmental compatibility was the decisive factor for us choosing this transformer.” said TransnetBW systems technology head Michael Schäfer.

The transformer can be installed and operated in water conservation areas or areas where environmental protection applies as it is the world’s first transformer at the 420 kV extra-high voltage level for which no water hazard classification must be issued.

Source: EBR