October 2017 edition of Transformers Magazine is now available!

The 15th edition of Transformers Magazine offers the readers educational and informative content on current topics of interest in the industry, looking at the latest developments in the market, technology trends, diagnostics and monitoring, design and more.

This issue features an interview which illustrates a case of how industry experience and changes in the market can be used for the development of a new business idea.

In another interview, transformer condition assessment and fleet management are discussed from the points of view of a university professor and a utility asset manager, where theory and practice meet to give a rounded picture on some of the issues in this important aspect of the industry.

Don’t miss the new commentary from our columnists who provide inside views on various questions regarding transformer lifecycle, testing and monitoring, as well as tap-changer technology and trends and developments in the global transformers market.

The educational and informative content continues with a selection of technical papers and advertorials on a range of subjects that should be of interest to all stakeholders in the industry.

We hope you will enjoy reading the magazine and find its content informative and inspiring in your everyday work.

Transformers Magazine team