New RO-RO ramp to facilitate the transhipment of heavy loads

France, Marseille: A new roll-on/roll-off (RO-RO) ramp has been inaugurated in the Port of Fos-sur-Mer in Marseille to help and secure the transhipment of components that are being transported to the ITER site.

Since early 2015, the seven ITER Members have been shipping components to ITER, including power transformers, with the largest shipments—highly exceptional loads—weighing up to 600 tonnes and requiring sophisticated logistics and robust infrastructures to transport and manoeuvre, ITER Organization stated in a release.

Four rectifier-transformers shipped by ITER China, each weighing close to 130 tonnes, were the first to use the ramp on their way to ITER last week.

The new infrastructure that was designed to simplify and secure the transhipment sequences between the onloading of components from the sea-going ship and the land journey to the ITER site eliminates the need for vertical handling once the component has been unloaded from the ship.

The ramp is approximately 18 metres long and 30 metres large and can accommodate combined loads (components and trailers) of up to 880 tonnes.

Although priority will be given to the ITER loads when they come in, the ramp will be accessible for other uses as well.

Source: ITER Organization