USD 181M transmission upgrade planned in New York State

USA, New York: New York State Independent System Operator officials are backing a $181 million plan to build a power transmission project that would run from Royalton in Niagara County to Elma in southern Erie County, New York State.

The project would use existing and new transmission facilities, which would include building a new substation on Dysinger Road in Royalton in Niagara County, and a 20-mile transmission line running from that facility to a substation on East Stolle Road in Elma.

The Dysinger substation would be a hub that connects seven different high-voltage lines.

The proposed power transmission upgrade would allow New York to fully capitalize on the power-generating capacity of the Niagara Power Project, while also increasing the region’s ability to import electricity from Ontario.

The project is expected to take about 40 months to complete, with an estimated completion by June 2022.

Source: The Buffalo News