Entergy gets EEI 2013 Emergency Recovery and Assistance Awards

USA, Louisiana: Entergy Corporation has been awarded with the association’s Emergency Recovery Award and Emergency Assistance Award by the Edison Electric Institute in order to recongnise the company’s exceptional power restoration efforts during the winter 2012 and its assistance to Alabama Power in March 2013.

“We’re the only utility in the country to receive at least one of these awards every year since they were initiated,” said Greg Grillo, Entergy system storm incident commander. “Year after year, the skill and dedication of our employees earn not only national recognition, but the appreciation of thousands of our customers.”

During the 2012 holiday season Entergy worked through harsh conditions for eight days to fully restore power and replaced 591 power transformers, 236 miles of distribution line, and 1,021 distribution poles, reports PR Newswire.

In March 2013 Entergy restored power to its Mississippi customers, then sent 453 workers and support personnel to Alabama to help in extensive restoration efforts.

Source: PR Newswire