Kenya Power implements standards for transformer suppliers

Kenya Power is starting to implement standards for quality transformers that must be followed during the procurement of the equipment.

In dealing with the recent procurement of substandard transformers from local suppliers, Kenya Power’s managing director Ken Tarus said the company will be reviewing its suppliers and engage only with those that offer quality products, reports ESI-Africa.

According to the new specifications that aim to increase transformer durability and make them less attractive to vandals, transformers should contain aluminium windings as opposed to copper, which is attractive to vandals.

Suppliers are also required to provide a list of critical raw materials and their sources in order to ease traceability of parts and control the quality of the equipment.

In addition, suppliers are required to provide a warranty of six years and five years from the date of delivery and commissioning, respectively.

This is designed to help reduce transformer failure rates and compel manufacturers to take responsibility for any manufacturing defects.

Source: ESI-Africa