Transformers Magazine Special Edition on Bushings is now available!

A special edition of Transformers Magazine dedicated to transformer bushings is now published and available.

With a great selection of articles on a variety of topics, including case studies, field experiences, presentation of products and operating practices, as well as interesting discussions relating to transformer bushings, this special edition aims to provide a deeper insight into the current issues in the bushings technology and the relevance of the future developments in this industry.

We open this special edition of the magazine with an interview with one of the innovators in the bushings industry, and continue with a wide range of articles on a number of relevant topics related to bushings, including market reviews, discussions on monitoring and diagnostic methods, risk mitigation, maintenance, technology, and more.

We would like to thank our Guest Editors as well as all authors for their dedicated contributions and recognizing the importance of taking part in this special edition.

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Transformers Magazine team