Elia commissions new HV transmission line in Belgium

Belgian transmission operator Elia has commissioned the high voltage Stevin line, a 47 km long, 385 kV link between Zeebrugge and Zomergem, reports EBR.

The project also included construction of three new high-voltage substations, with power transformers and associated electrical equipment in Zeebrugge, Gezelle in Bruges and Van Maerlant in Vivenkapelle.

The transmission line, capable of transmitting up to 3 GW of electricity, will transport energy generated from new offshore wind farms to the mainland.

It is expected to encourage investments in green energy projects in the region.

The line can also act as an interconnector with other European countries, such as the UK through the Nemo subsea cable, and this is expected to happen from 2019.

Source: CTBR