NEA is focusing on improving power distribution system

Facing challenges with the old distribution system and low capacity which pose major barriers for reliable power supply, Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has started improving the distribution system in Kathmandu Valley and other parts of the country.

In Kathmandu Valley, three 132 kV distribution substations, each of 90 MVA capacity, are going to be added in three different places in Mulpani, Chapagaun and Futung, reports The Himalayan Times.

Two other grid substations, 220 kV Lapsifedi substation of 160 MVA capacity and 132 kV Changunarayan substation of 45 MVA, with power transformers and associated electrical equipment, are going to be developed by 2021.

NEA’s efforts to upgrade the distribution and transmission grid substations are supported by the Asian Development Bank.

Source: The Himalayan Times