Dr. Michel Duval Hosts Hands-On Training on the Duval Triangles DGA Method

Dr. Michel Duval of IREQ (Hydro-Quebec) will host a much-anticipated Training Track on the best use of Duval Triangles and Pentagons at TechCon North America on Feb. 6-8, 2018 in Denver, CO.

As an expert in the DGA field, he will demonstrate how to successfully interpret DGA results, explain Duval Triangles 1, 4, 5 and Pentagons 1-2 for transformers filled with mineral oils. This serves to detect basic electrical and thermal faults, faults of lesser concern (in oil only or of low temperature, stray gassing of oil), faults potentially more dangerous in paper, and mixtures of faults. How and when to best use Duval Triangles 2 for LTCs of the compartment and MR in-tank types will also be discussed, as well as Duval Triangles 3 and new Pentagons 3 for ester oils.

Dr. Michel Duval has a B.Sc. and PhD. in chemical engineering and has worked for IREQ since 1970. Duval holds 16 patents and is the author of more than 90 scientific papers and international standards. He is a Fellow of IEEE and of the Chemical Institute of Canada. He is the recipient of the IEEE Herman Halperin Electric Transmission and Distribution Award for 2012.

This hands-on Training Track invites attendees to bring special cases of DGA that they would like to discuss separately with Dr. Duval or share with the audience on the screen. Additional TechCon Training Tracks include Transformer Main Tank Pre & Post Failure Analysis via DGA by Randy Cox, GE Energy Connections; and All Things Bushing – How and Why? by David Geibel & F. Durand Stacy, ABB and Art Del Rio, Trench Ltd. TechCon Worldwide has been the leader in Trainings and Expos in the high voltage management field for 23 years.  It is produced by TJH2b Analytical Services and holds annual events in North America, Europe, South East Asia & Australia.

To learn more about TechCon: http://www.techcon.info.