Vikar directs measures for adequate power supply during winter

The Minister of State for Technical Education and Power, Vikar Rasool directed the officers to put in place a mechanism that is to ensure the  adequate power supply to people during winter time and to reduce the transformer damage.

VIKARThe Minister was addressing the officers during a discussion regarding  the measures put in place for the ensuing winter in the Kashmir Valley.

Vikar said that all department officers should cooperate to put a secure mechanism  in place to ensure the adequate supply of power during the winter. He stated that the load shedding and power cuts should be minimised so people do not face any inconvenience.

The Minister also told the officers to ensure that the transformer damage is minimised and to put damage control system in place. He stated that the transformer repairs  should be done within the shortest possible time, so that the people from different locations do not face any inconvenience, especially during the winter.

“We should also ensure that the workshops for carrying out the repairs of transformers should be upgraded, so that the bulk of damaged ones can be repaired within the shortest possible time”, he maintained and added that vehicles for transportation of damaged and new transformers should also be purchased.

Vikar also directed the timely collection of the revenue from different areas, maintaining it is essential for the department. He said that a policy for timely rotation of Meter Readers and Lineman should be implemented in letter and spirit as well.

In the end, the Minister called for various measures of the transmission loss control. He said they account for major power waste that must be controlled to a large extent.

Source: Kashmir Times