January 2018 edition of Transformers Magazine is now available!

Transformers Magazine starts the New Year with the first edition in Volume 5.

The new edition more extensively covers the latest developments in the market, and offers content on technology trendsdiagnostics and monitoringdesign and more relevant and topical issues in the industry.

The edition features two interviews – one with an executive from one of the Europe’s largest transmission operator companies, and the other with one of the leading manufacturers of magnet wire used in transformers.

The interviews are followed by three regular columns and a wide selection of articles on a range of relevant topics in the industry – from new trends in technology and market, through the componentry and transformer testing and diagnostics, to insulation materials and examples from field experiences, brought in a very interesting success case story.

We hope you will find the content informative and useful and perhaps decide to present some of your research and experiences to our global readership. Also, for experts with long-time experience there is an opportunity for a regular presence in the magazine by becoming our columnists. Let us know if this is a path you would like to explore.

Most authors have shared with us their extremely positive impressions with the publication process and found the publishing experience with us very inspiring. All you need to do is contact us and we will guide you through the process.

In order to ensure your copy of the magazine in print, digital or online version, please subscribe here.

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Enjoy your reading!

Transformers Magazine team

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