Egypt looking to become regional hub for electricity interconnection

With Egypt’s distinctive location between the three continents of Africa, Asia, and Europe, the north African country is planning to implement a strategy for electricity connection plan between the three continents.

Egypt is participating in all regional electrical interconnection projects, and is currently planning to increase the capacity of its electricity connections with the neighbouring Jordan to 3,000 MW, as well as establishing two new converter stations in both countries, reports ESI-Africa.

Egypt is also working on completing the electricity connection project between Egypt and Saudi Arabia, which aims to exchange 3,000 MW at peak time through a 500 kV submarine cable.

According to Egyptian minister of electricity, Mohamed Shaker, memorandums of understanding have been signed for electricity connection between Egypt, Cyprus, and Greece, making Egypt a hub for electricity interconnection between three continents.

The electricity connection between the North and the South of the Mediterranean will absorb the huge electricity production from new clean energy projects in Egypt, media noted.

The ministry is also looking to implement electricity interconnection projects with African countries to benefit from the enormous potential of hydropower sources in Africa.

Source: ESI-Africa

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