SA manufacturer to deliver transformers for a tin mine in Congo

South Africa: Johannesburg-based Trafo Power Solutions will supply fit-for-purpose dry-type transformers to Alphamin Resources’ Bisie tin mine located in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, in a fast track project that will see the complete solution manufactured in 12 weeks.

Bisie’s remote location places constraints on the transformers’ installation, which was taken into account in their selection and design, reports Engineering News.

The delivery will involve the movement of two 3000 kVA, 400 V/11 kV cast resin transformers housed in six metre high cube containers, as well as two 100 kVA, 400 V/400 V Dyn11 dry-type lighting transformers for application outdoors.

“The design of these dry-type transformers makes them suitable for the climatic conditions at the mine,” Engineering News cites Trafo Power Solutions managing director David Claassen. “They require only a minimal movement of air across the windings to cool them down, although forced air options can also be employed where necessary if ambient temperatures rise high enough.”

Source: Engineering News