Siemens 1,100 kV transformer enroute to China

Germany: The most powerful high-voltage direct-current (HVDC) transformer began its journey from the transformer factory in Nuremberg, Germany, to China.

The 1,100 kV transformer was first transported to the harbour in Nuremberg by special heavy load transporter, where it was loaded onto a ship. Its journey took it to Rotterdam via the Main-Danube Canal, and from there it will be shipped to China, where it will arrive after several weeks on the high seas, the company said in a press statement.

The transformer is 37.5 meters long, 14.4 meters tall, and 12 meters wide, which posed a logistical challenge for the team.

The transformer will be installed at the Changji-Guquan HVDC project, able to transmit direct current with a huge 1,110 kilovolts for the first time in the world.

The new transformer is also the world’s most powerful tested transformer with a capacity of 587 MVA.

The HVDC line between Changji and Guquan will be operated by State Grid Corporation (SGCC), a Chinese grid operator. The connection is expected to begin operation in 2019.

Source: Siemens