Vinci Energies wins $242M T&D contract in Senegal

VINCI Energies has won the Société d’Electricité du Sénégal (SENELEC) contract to install five new extra high voltage transformer stations, nearly 200 km of overhead and underground EHV transmission lines, and over 100 distribution substations in various parts of the country and a regional load dispatch centre.

The €197 million ($242 million) project is part of Senelec’s transmission and distribution grid expansion, reinforcement and reliability enhancement programme (the 2016-2020 Strategic Plan), the company states in the press release.

The project will take 36 months to complete and involves the cities of Dakar, Diass, Diamniadio, Thiès, Kounoune, Tobène and Tambacounda.

In Dakar, the project will give the strategic city-centre neighbourhoods three new sources of supply. An extra high voltage transformer station will be built to secure the power supply in the new suburb of Diamniadio.

A second transformer station will be installed in the city of Thiès to secure the electricity supply of several towns in the vicinity.

Lastly, the contract covers reinforcement of the distribution grids in Dakar, Tambacounda, Kounoune, Diamniadio and Thiès.

Source: Vinci Energies