IES’s new 2D and 3D software brings significant improvements

Integrated Engineering Software’s (IES) ELECTRO (2D) and COULOMB (3D) Version 10 brings significant software improvements.

IES’s ELECTRO (2D) and COULOMB (3D) version 10 provides a major interface upgrade with the introduction of a Model Manager which provides flexibility for whole new ways to control the program. 

Performance of transformers, insulation systems, EMC compatibility, corona discharge, bus bars, MEMS, high voltage components, shielding, cables, capacitive sensors/NDT and many more can be easily analyzed with IES’s Search Based Design Simulation programs.

These programs solve static, AC and transient electric field and current flow problems.

All programs are based on Boundary Element analysis (BEM) solver that means fields can be calculated anywhere else in the “world”.

The Finite Element Method (FEM) solver is incorporated in the program as well to provide users with the choice of both methods.

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