TCN repairs Lokoja transformer after failure caused by heavy rain

Nigeria: The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) has investigated the cause of the power outage which occurred in Lokoja last weekend and attributed it to the rains which caused a sharp drop in load by distribution companies, leading to creation of extremely high voltage in the grid.

According to TCN, the action resulted in the shattering of the lightening arrester in the 150 MVA power transformer in the Lokoja Transmission substation, which punctured the cooling fin of the transformer causing oil to leak from it, reports Leadership.

In the statement, TCN explains its maintenance engineers mobilized and arrested the oil leakage and made efforts to seal the cooling fin. However, this was a difficult task as the area needed to be sealed was drenched with oil.

The company then emptied the transformer of oil, cleaned and allowed the affected surface to dry before further attempt was made at sealing the cooling fin.

Having successfully sealed the transformer, TCN is now in the process of filling the transformer with oil. Once the process is complete, the transformer will be energized to restore a normal power supply to Lokoja.

Source: Leadership