TCN installs new transformers in five states

The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) says it has installed and energised new power transformers in its substations in five states aiming to improve electricity supply in the country.

The installed equipment includes a 60 MWA power transformer in Katsina substation, a 100 MVA transformer in Ejigbo substation, two 60 MVA transformers in Odogunyan substation in Lagos, a 60 MVA transformer in the old Abeokuta substation, and one 60 MVA transformer in Calabar substation, reports PM News.

The company is also replacing the second power transformer at Ejigbo substation, where the existing 30 MVA transformer will be replaced with a new 100 MVA unit.

The installation of a new 60 MVA transformer at Karu substatio in Abuja is also complete but the unit is still undergoing pre-commissioning tests.

Similarly, installation of a new 60 MVA unit at Dan Agundi Substation in Kano has reached the advanced stage, as has the replacement of a 60 MVA LEEEC transformer that was damaged by fire during installation in Uyo last week.

Source: PM News