150,000th GAEFOL transformer by Siemens ready for Sydney

Significant milestone for the transformer plant in Kirchheim

Germany: Siemens has completed the manufacture of a large cast-resin transformer at its factory in Kirchheim, which is soon to be shipped to the client in Sydney, Australia.

The 20 MVA transformer weighing 46 tons and measuring 6x3x4.50 metres, is the 150,000th GEAFOL cast-resin transformer made in Kirchheim, according to the company’s press statement.

The transformer to be installed about an hour north-west of the central business district (CBD) in Sydney will be responsible for the reliable power supply of the newly built metro line.

The unit is equipped with a tap-changer and a separate regulation winding and will be mounted in a noise insulated outdoor-cabinet.

Source: Siemens

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