Two Italian transformers arrive at St. Helier in the English Channel

United Kingdom, Jersey: Two power transformers from Italy have arrived and been installed at Jersey Electricity’s £17 million primary substation project at St. Helier West in Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands in the English Channel.

The managing director of the hauling company handling the transport said: “We unloaded our equipment before the first transformer arrived onsite around 8 pm on the Monday. The following morning we jacked up the transformer on the trailer to put the turntable underneath, with which we turned the transformer 90 degrees [the opening in the building was too small to put the units inside then turn them]. We then jacked up the transformer, removed the turntable and replaced it with the HT300, before sliding it off the trailer and through the doorway,” reports UK Haulier.

The two transformers were manufactured for the project by Italy’s Tironi.

Source: UK Haulier