MR China supplies 56 OLTCs for 1,100 kV UHVDC transformer

MR in China has supplied a total of 56 high-voltage on-load tap-changers for the 1,100 kV UHVDC Changji-Guquan project, which will be installed in transformers of the current-transformer stations in the UHVDC line.

These on-load tap-changers will support the potentially record-breaking single-phase transformer of ± 1,100 kV, which was specifically developed for this project, in what is the world’s most powerful direct voltage line, the company said in the press release.

The 1,100 kV UHVDC project from Changji to Guquan crosses huge distances through difficult terrain and has a high transmission power. Stretching over a length of 3,284 km from Changji in the northwest to the Guquan in the east, the route passes mainly through deserts, including the Gobi, and mountainous areas.

The line has a transmission power reaching up to 12,000 MW.

Source: MR