Ugandan local transformer manufacturers to benefit from BUBU programme

Uganda, Kampala: Ugandan Government has taken a decision to prioritize local manufacturers of transformers in government procurement processes as one of the moves to promote “Buy Uganda Build Uganda” programme.

This was agreed during the Ministry of Trade meeting with local transformer manufacturing companies to explore ways of the development and marketing of Uganda-manufactured transformers, reports Independent.

The government aims to reduce the country’s import bill, which for the import of transformers stands at $22.65 million.

According to the minister of trade, the power distribution and transmission sector is critical now that the government is constructing several hydropower facilities including the 600 MW Karuma project, the 183 MW Isimba Falls hydro project and others.

Uganda has three transformer manufacturing companies whose main customer is the government. The three transformer manufacturers have a combined installed capacity of producing 3,700 transformers per year.

Source: Independent