Giant transformer stuck during transport finally makes it to Deerfield

USA, New Hampshire: A massive power transformer that was on the move from Manchester, New Hampshire to an Eversource substation in Deerfield was stuck on Route 43 for two days due to a mechanical issue with the trailer carrying the transformer.

The transport company began moving the transformer early Tuesday morning in what was supposed to be a one-day operation, with the equipment arriving at the substation by Tuesday night, reports Union Leader.

However, an axle broke on Tuesday afternoon, forcing the trailer to stop in the middle of Route 43 in Deerfield, and leaving it in the middle of the road overnight and through most of Wednesday while the crews were trying to move the cargo.

The cargo was finally moved Wednesday evening and arrived at the substation just before sunset, according to Eversource.

Meanwhile, the company in charge of moving the transformer is trying to learn why the axle broke.

Source: Union Leader