Bescom starts tracking the lifecycle of transformers

India, Karnataka: The Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (Bescom) is implementing a new distribution transformer lifecycle management software (DTLMS) for approximately 300,000 transformers spread across eight districts.

The utility company expects the pilot project to be able to tackle the basic problems in transformer management, reports The Hindu.

“From the date of inception till the time it is scrapped, the project will track the lifecycle of every transformer, which will be stored in the software. Through this, we will be able to study the reasons behind transformer failures and reduce them. Our main aim is to reduce the failures, which are a cause for power interruptions as well as accidents,” said a senior Bescom official.

The project involves affixing codes for each transformer, creating a database of all these codes, development of a common web-based software to maintain details of transformers and their lifecycles, as well as a mobile application.

Source: The Hindu