New Jamalpur substation finally in operation

India, Gurugram: The power transmission company Haryana Vidyut Prasaran Nigam (HVPN) has commissioned the 66 kV Jamalpur substation, whose work was left halfway in 2017 after the contracted company could not complete the project.

With the contracted firm unable to complete the work, HVPN officials decided to gradually complete the project on their own, reports The Times of India.

“Instead of re-awarding another contract, our men took it upon themselves to finish it. We first identified a nearby 200 kV line. But due to its high voltage, it had to be stepped down to 66 kV, after which we started the construction,” said Anil Yadav, HVPN’s superintendent engineer.

The new substation will cater to villages in Gurugram, namely Jamalpur, Ghosgarh, Khumbawas, Baslambi, Tatarpur, Kharkhari, Chitrasen and Prem Nagar.

Source: The Times of India