Federal government of Nigeria suspends further transformer procurement from TBEA

Nigeria, Oshogbo: The federal government has suspended procurement from TBEA, the manufacturer of the damaged transformer at the TCN substation in Oshogbo, Osun State.

The minister of power, Prof. Chinedu Nebo paid a visit to the facility in Oshogbo at the weekend and inspected the damage on 12 collapsed TCN towers caused by an explosion of a tanker carrying 33,000 litres of fuel. The minister said it may cost NGN 1 billion (approx. $ 6 million) to rebuild them, reports Leadership.

The TBEA-produced transformer which suddenly went up in flames, was purchased for about NGN 400 million ($ 2.4 million) in 2010. It was supposed to last a minimum of 15 years before beginning to develop faults.

Nebo commented: “I have given instruction that any order from that very manufacturer should be stopped. If there is any procurement coming from that very manufacturer it should be stopped until we find out what happened because if it is a repeat case of the same kind of failure then it means there is manufacturers’ error and which means that their quality control has a problem and we will not tolerate that.”

He added that “[…] it appears total insulation collapse was responsible for this.”

Source: Leadership