Entergy to invest $2B in revamping its power infrastructure

USA, Texas: Energy company Entergy is planning to invest close to $2 billion over the next three years in modernizing its infrastructure in the state and expanding its service in Southeast Texas.

The company has allocated $600 million to transmission projects, $415 million to distribution upgrades and $825 million to new power generation, reports EBR.

As part of these investments, the company has started construction of the 230 kV China-Stowell transmission line in Texas, a $66 million project which will also include expansion of the existing China Substation and Stowell Substation.

“As the state’s population continues to grow, Entergy is investing in new infrastructure to meet the growing demand of the region, and ensure that everyone has access to reliable energy,“ said Entergy Texas president and CEO Sallie Rainer.

Source: EBR