Shaanxi Power to invest $4.8B in power distribution network by 2020

China: Shaanxi Regional Electric Power Group (SPG), a large electric power company supplying power to more than 1,000 townships in 70 counties and districts in nine municipalities of Shaanxi province, is planning to invest close to $4.8 billion by 2020 in order to build a modern power distribution network.

The plan consists of a range of projects including the construction and renovation of 86 substations at 110 kV, with 5,128 km of associated lines, and 22,542 km of 10 kV lines, reports Ghana Web.

The Chinese company is also investing in Africa, where through its strategic partnership with BXC Ghana, it has thus far invested over $200 million in the expansion of the power infrastructure in Ghana.

The company is looking to make further investments and contributions to the development of power distribution network in Ghana by jointly building a new type of modern power distribution network in West Africa.

Source: Ghana Web