Benban transformer stations ready to transfer solar energy

The Egyptian-Chinese XD-EGEMAC alliance is to complete the delivery of the last out of four transformer stations in Benban, Egypt by the end of June to transmit the energy produced at the solar park Benban to the national grid, reports Daily News Egypt.

“We have completed the operation of three transformer stations, and the fourth station, which is scheduled to be operational and delivered within 15 days at the latest, has been completed,” said Medhat Ramadan, CEO of EGEMAC.

The installation of high-voltage transformers, control panels, and medium-voltage transformers has also been completed.

12 power transformers with a capacity of 175 MVA have been manufactured for the project, with three units installed at each station.

Although XD-EGEMAC has completed three stations, it is ready to transmit over 1,200 MW of energy.

Source: Daily News Egypt