ADB approves funds to help rebuild Tongan electricity network

The Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) has approved a $6.8 million grant to help reconstruct and improve disaster resilience of the Nuku’alofa electricity network in Tonga, which was damaged by Cyclone Gita in February 2018.

Priority sections of the Nuku’alofa electricity network will be rehabilitated and upgraded to a higher standard of disaster resilience, including new distribution transformers, aerial-bundled conductors and new underground service cables, reports Compelo.

The Government of Tonga has estimated the energy sector reconstruction will cost around $45.9 million.

The Government has thus far been approved another $6 million assistance from ADB under the Pacific Disaster Resilience Program and an additional $1 million under the ADB-supported Asia Pacific Disaster Response Fund for humanitarian relief efforts.

Tongan Government itself will contribute $1.48 million and $1.14 million, respectively, to the Cyclone Gita Recovery Project—expected to cost about $9.42 million in total.

Source: Compelo