First PFU-7 installed in Argentina

Ormazabal has delivered the first walk-in prefabricated concrete transformer substation PFU-7 with a monoblock structure. The structure, which is over 8 metres long, has been delivered to the Empresa Provincial de la Energia de Santa Fe (EPE) in San Lorenzo, located 400 km NW of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The transformer substation supply the Evonik biodiesel industrial plant. 

PFU7Prefabricated monoblock enclosures enable the installation and testing of the switchgear from factory in an industrial process endorsed by the strictest management system certifications. In this case, the supply configuration is installed in the same enclosure and made up of three fully-insulated cubicle assemblies of the CGM.3 system: a supply assembly that incorporates electronic protection units with the specifically-designed, integrated control ekorRPGci and two assemblies to power the metering systems. In each case, they were provided with our latest generation vacuum circuit-breaker cubicles CGM.3-V, as well as the new metering cubicles CGM.3-M, designed according to the international standard IEC 62271-200. The cubicles incorporate a connection to the main busbar via rigid bars through the new connecting set between fully-insulated cubicles and air-insulated cubicles patented by Ormazabal.

Source: Ormazabal