Power transformer arrives at a wind project site in Atacama

Chile: The construction of the Sarco wind farm project in northern Chile marked a key milestone last week with the arrival of the project’s power transformer.

The 220 MVA power transformer, which was manufactured by ABB Thailand, began the 230 km journey from the Port of Coquimbo, which took two days to the project site in the commune of Freirina, reports Wind Business Intelligence.

This component is one of the largest and most important elements that will make up the 170 MW wind farm located in the region of Atacama in northern Chile.

When completed the Sarco wind farm will have a total of 50 wind turbines, each with an individual capacity of 3.4 MW, with a maximum total capacity of 170 MW, which is enough energy to supply over 260,000 homes.

Source: Wind Business Intelligence