BEST successfully tests largest autotransformer for Turkish Grid

BEST has successfully tested the 450 MVA 400/161 kV autotransformers that will be the largest in the transformer fleet of Turkish Electricity Transmission Company, TEİAŞ. TEİAŞ requires a short-circuit withstand test on each new design before acceptance.

The tested units are one of the first batch of three units, and will operate in parallel with the currently existing 250 MVA units. The 450 MVA units, therefore, have the same impedance with the older autotransformers, causing a much higher short-circuit power.

The transformers were tested by KEMA in their recently upgraded facilities in Arnhem, Netherlands, in early June. Following the month-long journey back to the BEST factory in Turkey, the transformers showed no change in electrical properties or signs of damage during visual inspections.

The three units will be delivered to site by the end of 2018.

Source: BEST