Siemens and National Grid to reconfigure a 950 MVA supergrid transformer

United Kingdom: Siemens Transformer Services UK will be working with National Grid (NG) on a project to reconfigure a Siemens 400 kV/275 kV 950 MVA supergrid transformer, which should ensure safe and reliable operation of NG’s network.

The project involves reconfiguring a strategic spare transformer available at Sundon Substation and configured for GIS connection for use at a Beddington substation with an AIS Open Terminal.

The teams will reconfigure and modify the 400 kV/275 kV 950 MVA transformer from GIS to AIS bushings, with newly designed HV and LV turrets to accommodate the new AIS bushings.

The project should greatly reduce delivery lead time and cost of procuring a new transformer.

Source: Siemens