EOS Technical Seminar “New (Re)Generation Options for Transformer Oils”

Modern (re)generation options are available to manage insulating oil enhancing transformers’ performance and life – on-site and without any interruption of service. Register today for the Electrical Oil Services (EOS) Technical Seminar on September 27 2018 in Arras, France.

Benefit from deep insights, best practices and round-table discussions on transformer insulating oil management with Electrical Oil Services (EOS) and leading industry partners such as Électricité de France (EDF), Maxei, EA Technology and Transfo Lab.

EOS supports the electricity utilities across Europe to meet regulatory requirements for both environmental and cost-efficient energy supply by offering most modern transformer oil (re)generation options, such as the on-site mobile processing. EOS is one of the leading suppliers of both regenerated and unused electrical insulating oils and associated services – for more than 60 years. Purity you can trust.

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