California debating grid regionalization to include 13 more states

USA, California: California legislature is considering a plan to expand its energy grid, which is serving 30 million Californians, to encompass as many as 13 other Western U.S. states if they choose to join the effort.

The California Independent System Operator would in this case cede authority to a regional body under the proposal, which requires federal approval, reports T&D World.

This idea has been discussed in the past but it has never gone beyond the planning stage. Proponents of the idea claim that a regional grid would cut power costs and boost the use of renewables, while those against it warn that the expansion of the grid might leave California and its neighbours vulnerable to energy crisis.

Even if the idea of a regional grid receives approval, it could ultimately be limited if there aren’t enough participants or too many conditions are set.

Source: T&D World

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