Bihar distributes 2000MW in modernisation success

Bihar state is drawing more than 2,000 MW consistently, due to modernisation of the power sector. Until couple of years ago, these kind of results were unimaginable in Bihar but the state goverment’s efforts to upgrade the power distribution in the past eight years have finally started to pay off.

The state had been drawing between 1,500 and 1,600 MW at best, but the week preceding the 26th October, the state drew over 2,000 MW of power. The maximum power withdrawal of 2,240 MW was recorded on the 23rd October by Bihar State Power (Holding) Company Ltd.

A power supplier official stated that previously, the state had been drawing around 1,300-1,400 MW against its allocation of 1,985 MW from the central sector despite purchasing 600-700 MW from the open market. This included 200 MW from Adani Power. It is the first time that the state has been steadily drawing more than 2,000MW of power.

“Things have improved significantly on the power front in the past few years. We have been drawing more than 2,000MW. This has been possible thanks to large-scale strengthening and modernisation work of transmission and distribution network under various schemes,” power (holding) company deputy general manager (PR) H.R. Pandey stated.

In his independence speech last year, Chief minister Nitish Kumar, had said the state used to draw just 800MW of power when he took over in November 2005.

“Now the power company’s capacity has been increased to supply 3,000MW of power but at present 2,000MW of power is supplied,” Nitish said at a book release ceremony last Wednesday. The chief minister further stated that next year the capacity would be further enhanced to 4,000MW.

The strengthening of transmission and distribution network includes installation of grid sub-station, power sub-stations, laying of new transmission lines, capacity augmentation of power transformers, replacing old and dilapidated wires and setting up of a transformer repair workshop to repair distribution transformer.

The modernisation is enabled under various schemes, including Backward Region Grant Fund and Restructured Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Programme.

Source: The Telegraph, Calcutta, India