Giant transformers stop traffic on way from Dundee to Tummel Bridge

United Kingdom, Dundee: Two massive 131-tonne power transformers were transported through Dundee docks last weekend to a new substation at Tummel Bridge, disrupting the traffic.

Huge transformers were moved by Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission (SHE Transmission) as part of the Beauly to Denny network reinforcement project, reports The Courier. Keith Inglis, SHE Transmission project manager, said: “Both transformers were constructed in Porto, Portugal, and have been shipped to the port at Dundee.

We have employed an industry specialist to complete the last leg of the journey by road using a highly technical transport system.” he added.

Due to their size and weight, power transformers needed to be moved on a 30 m-long, 12-axle multi-steer trailer that could be manipulated to manoeuvre around obstacles at an average speed of just 10 mph. The specialist haulier Alley Heavy Haulage worked with the police bring the traffic disruption to the minimum.

Source: The Courier
Image: Abnormal load on Northgate, Cottingham by Ian S (Creative Commons Licence)