Andalusian government and Endesa to analyze 31,600 transformers in next two years

Andalusia, Spain: The Minister of Employment, Enterprise and Commerce, Javier Carnero, announced on Thursday that the Andalusian Government and the energy company Endesa will analyze in two years about 31,600 transformers.

Inspection’s aim is to avoid incidents such as the one that occurred at the ‘100% Fun’ hotel in Tarifa (Cádiz) in which the explosion of a transformer caused the death of two workers as well as several injuries to other employees.

The inspections are scheduled to take about two years to complete and transformers will be tested on their expected and simulated supported loads. In the event the transformer supports levels higher than 80%, the transformer will be replaced or re-adapted.

“Of the 31 transformers analysed by Endesa, only 4.31 percent of the transformers would have a saturation level above 80 percent” said Mr. Carnero when reviewing inspections made by Endesa a year ago.

Carnero has indicated that Endesa analysed 2,361 of its electrical transformation centres in the province of Cádiz and identified 291 with characteristics similar to the one involved in the accident. Therefore, “a joint review program has been proposed in these centers between Endesa and the Andalusian Administration, which will start in October “, he concluded.

Source: 20Minutos