On Demand Webinar – New Universal Smart Breather from Qualitrol

Qualitrol is happy to announce our new Universal Smart Breather, with industry first advancements.

The new Qualitrol Smart Transformer Breather removes moisture from air entering oil-filled transformers or LTC conservators. The breather is automated to regenerate the silica gel desiccant at a user selectable time interval – Parts Per Million (PPM) or Relative Humidity (RH) threshold – avoiding unnecessary trips to site to refresh the desiccant. The silica gel may be regenerated without replacement due to internal heaters inside the unit that drives out moisture on a transformer exhale cycle.

Available in either 1kg or 2kg designs, the Smart Breather monitors the breathing pattern of the tank and switches between main tank and LTC operation automatically. Multiple mounting options are available for fitting to a new or retrofit installation. Internal cabling allows for easier installation and eliminates unintentional damage to cabling in the field. Desiccant regeneration is configurable by the end user based on % Relative Humidity (RH), Parts Per Million (PPM) or time frequency (days).

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