Transformer haul heaviest ever in Washington state

Heavy equipment mover Omega Morgan is partnering with the Washington State Patrol and Klickitat County Sheriff’s Office to move a windmill transformer from the town of Roosevelt to a wind farm in Goldendale.

The $2.6 million transformer owned by the Bonneville Power Administration weighs 227 tonnes. Combined with the trailer, gross weight is 453 tonnes. It is the heaviest single piece of equipment ever to move on Washington. The trailer carrying the transformer is 110 meters, the length of a football field.

The BPA says the transportation costs for the move are $400,000. Transformer was originaly shipped from South Korea to the Port of Longview. Final destination of the transformer is Rock Creek substation near Goldendale.

“It’s not that far, but because it’s so heavy and so long, it will take two evenings to get it done,” said Celeste Dimichina, a spokeswoman for the Washington State Department of Transportation. Several semi-trucks and a giant-sized trailer are hauling a transformer along a carefully choreographed 47-mile route.

Source: The Seattle Times;