MR announces new subsidiary in Singapore

European Trafo Products Pte Ltd. Singapore (ET), which has been held indirectly by MR through the partnership with CEDASPE S.r.L., is now part of the sales network of the Reinhausen Group, operating under the name Reinhausen Singapore Pte. Ltd.

The Singapore-based subsidiary, acquired by MR on 27 April 2018, has been operating under the new name since 23 July 2018, MR stated in the press release.

Through Reinhausen Singapore, MR now has an operative footprint and a new distribution hub in Asia-Pacific.

CEO to date, Henry Ng, will continue to lead the company and its ongoing development.

Nicola Rampin, Reinhausen´s Sales Director Distribution Transformer Components, has been tasked as the project manager for integrating the subsidiary into the Reinhausen Group.

An interview with Mr. Rampin, where he also presents the Singapore hub and talks about his role, was published in the October 2018 edition of Transformers Magazine.

Source: MR