October 2018 edition of Transformers Magazine is now available!

The latest edition of Transformers Magazine in now published and available online and for download.

The key topics covered in this issue by a selected range of technical papers and advertorials include smart solutions for operating transformers, advancements in transformer technology, transformer diagnostics, instrument transformer testing, energy and noise efficiency, and transformer design for HVDC applications.

In the featured interview, a senior manager in a global company that boasts one of the longest traditions in the industry presents new trends and solutions in sales as a way to expand business and innovate conventional business processes.

In addition to the interview, don’t miss the fresh insights and commentary by our columnists in their regular columns covering the latest market trends, transformer maintenance, condition monitoring and transformer lifecycle.

Don’t hesitate to tell us what you think about the topics and issues covered in the magazine, or to express intent to present your research or point of view on any of these topics or any other topic of interest for our industry. For any questions on how to publish your work with us, contact info@merit-media.com.

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