Scottish Power installs new DGA monitors at key sites in the UK

British energy provider Scottish Power has installed a number of new dissolved gas analysis (DGA) monitors in substations throughout the UK to obtain real-time updates on the transformer condition at key sites.

The monitors, manufactured by Vaisala, are expected to help protect transformers against effects of solar flares and track any disturbances that may affect the lifetime and performance of transformers, the manufacturer said in the press statement.

“Scottish Power has a number of strategic transformers on the transmission network that require advanced condition monitoring, and we have been increasingly wary of the effects of solar flares and geomagnetically induced currents to disrupt their efficient performance,” said Keith Black, System Performance Senior Engineer at Scottish Power.

With online transformer monitoring set to become increasingly important, Scottish Power will be installing more of the DGA units across their fleet of power transformers in the future, according to the release.

Source: Vaisala

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