Siemens successfully completes shallow water test of subsea power grid

Norway, Trondheim: Siemens has successfully concluded the first phase of its subsea power grid shallow water test in Trondheim, Norway.

Siemens, in collaboration with industry partners, is in the final stages of a program to develop a barrier-breaking system that will become the world’s first subsea power grid designed for distribution of medium voltage power using pressure compensated technology, the company said in the press release.

The underwater power grid consists of a subsea transformer, subsea switchgear, subsea variable speed drive, subsea wet mate connectors, and a remote control and monitoring system including cloud-based user dashboards and data analytics.

According to Siemens, the system is an enabling technology for subsea processing with multiple seabed power consumers, suited to support enhanced recovery in subsea brownfield projects and tie-back fields.

Source: Siemens