COMET 2019 world leading CBM Conference opens Call for Technical Papers

A great idea shared amongst peers could help us shape the future of power system management and electric grid resiliency” says Thomas Linn, COMET Conference Co-Chair.

COMET 2019 is a world leading Condition Based Online Monitoring Conference focusing on assets that make up the electrical grid. It is unique in that its value is the knowledge gained through sharing experiences of those involved in these activities. This conference helps those working in the field improve skills and performance by sharing experiences through presentations and discussions.

The process of Condition Based Monitoring is the accumulation of electrical and/or chemical data related to the health of the asset being managed, storing, organizing and analyzing that data so that it can serve as the basis for maintenance or replacement decisions, and preserving the data to provide a deeper understanding of the health of the system.

COMET 2019 welcomes presentations on experience with relevant chemical measurements, partial discharge measurements, waveform measurements, data analytics, this use of artificial intelligence in asset management, cloud-based data collection, positive and negative experience with big data, cyber-security approaches for asset condition data, reducing data to dashboards that support prudent decision making, and related topics.

COMET 2019 will be hosted FEBRUARY 26 – 28 at the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center and hotel in beautiful downtown Austin, Texas.

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